About Us

Who We Are 

The Leon Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization structured in the great Golden State of California. The Leon Foundation is a group of intellectual and business people that have passion for knowledge and education. They are dedicated to support children's education in Peru through technology.  They focus their educational support in places where they can make unique and positive contributions donating new computers and all the necessary tools to implement computer lab in low income schools.


To accomplish its goals, the LEON Foundation has established a mission reflecting Leon's founding vision: to implement computer labs programs that improve children's education now and for future generation in Peru. Working and responding to local needs of children, adolescents and youth. The initiatives addresses targeted challenges in the Foundation's key areas of focus: education, technology and communication.


Leon Foundation also focuses its efforts in areas where it can have the greatest impact supporting low income school projects to increase and enrich academic education. Leon Foundation spends 100% of every donation towards Peruvian children education wisely and works to ensure that projects support technological education in low income schools. Leon Foundation strives to support children education in Peruvian communities and the rest of countries in South America - while emphasizing solutions that make meaningful and positive changes in children's life.


Mission Statement

The Mission of the Leon Foundation is dedicated to improve and support the quality of education of less fortunate children in Peru through technology.